Your brand is not just your logo, tagline, packaging or the "look and feel" of your ads or website. These are all parts of your brand identity. Your brand resides within the hearts (feelings) and minds (intellect) of your customers and prospects. It is the sum total of their (product, company, service and competitive) experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence and some you cannot. The most successful brands will always be those that deliver not only the tangible value but the emotional value as well. The latter will always be seen as the most valuable, because when confronted with two choices of apparently equal benefit the prospect will always choose the one that feels right. The Brand defines the organization; leads to the organization creating the relationships that people value; leads to the sum total of the relationships to build the brand; feeds back into the brand idea that defines the organization. Building relationships that people (all stakeholders) value clarifies what branding systems do. Experience shows that brand knowledge is most simply networked and energetically actioned where everyone believes in making business human again.

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